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Looking for excellent service for your vehicle? Look no further, we offer best price for inspection 1 and 2 services. Call for a quotation.

We have highly qualified mechanics/technicians that not only get the job done first time right but will go that extra mile for customer satisfaction.


We offer full "Pimp My Ride" customisation, wrapping, leather repair, body kits, rims etc

Remapping for newer models, call us for more info.

CAS, DME, DDE repairs and re-builds done.

Code/make keys.

All repairs are 6 months guarantee / 1yr if serviced by us.


Come in and have your aircon system tested for any problems / leaks.

Engine Repairs

Diff Repairs to the

Auto Gearbox Repairs

Manual Gearbox Repairs

Electronic Diagnosis and Repairs

We can arrange our driver to drop you and pick you up.

RMI Approved